Rising Above Spiritual Abuse Through Supernatural Storytelling

Storytelling that teaches you to recognize and avoid tingling, itchy ear lies.

Mankind’s story reveals that mankind is in a deadly spiritual battle, which can only be won through Jesus.  


Don’t become discouraged by the false teachings of men, search the Scripture truths for yourself.



Discover how the story of Creation reflects the new birth in Jesus Christ for believers


Discover the full story behind Noah’s Ark and the flood, based upon Jesus’ saying: 

“As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” 
(Matt 24:37-38 ESV)



There is a story about the Tower of Babel and the seventy nations that affects your life and will blow your mind.



There is a story about you that teaches you are part of something greater than this world and life.


Discover the story in which you were created to be a king of the eternal King, Jesus.



Discover the story of how Satan’s initial sin opened the door for other angels, the Watchers, to fall in sin even after the creation and corruption of mankind, during the days of Noah and Enoch.




Realize through teaching stories that as a believer, you are personally special to Jesus.



Discover that before the foundations of the world, Jesus knew you by name, and died on Mt. Calvary’s cross to save you personally.



Stories that teach, through faith in Jesus, you are united as one with Him, and are never alone, even at times when it may seem you are.